Intervention to combat the presence of pigeons and other types of bird

Pigeons today are very evident in Swiss cities,  particularly in Geneva where it was estimated in 2009 that they numbered about 5,000.

These birds present us with a daily nuisance. In particular, their droppings are especially acidic and cause serious damage to the living environment, while their cooing is a form of noise pollution. They also cause the proliferation of certain diseases carried by their germs.

A range of procedures exist to prevent the birds from landing or nesting on any type of building or structure:

  • Placing spikes
  • Stretched out wires
  • Protective nets

This range of procedure is suited to any type of building or monument: blocks of flats, rentals, homes, factories, warehouses, hangars, churches, statues, etc. The buildings are thus protected from any damage and the birds are not harmed.

The choice of the most effective product depends on a range of factors such as:

  • The type of bird: size, weight
  • The location and exposure of the material
  • The type of support: structural fabric (stone, metal, etc.)

Our technicians, who have experience of facing a wide range of environments and situations, will advise you on the solutions best suited to the assignment.

Deratisa Services SA offers expertise and a tailor-made intervention plan.

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