Treatment of different kinds of rodent

Deratisa Services SA operates at your premises to achieve long-term results, offering you tailor-made solutions and methods that target the species to be eradicated. These rodents present us with a health and hygiene hazard, as well as a danger to our technical infrastructure. Beyond the material damage that they cause, these animals can also carry diseases via infectious agents.

It is therefore supremely important to proceed by stages in order to guarantee the best result possible:

  • Diagnose the problem via a survey of the premises by our technicians
  • Put in place an action plan tailor-made for the targeted location and the environment to be treated
  • Mechanical or chemical intervention to eliminate the rodents
  • Protection of the infested area by blocking the rodents' access
  • General monitoring before and after the intervention

Different types of rodent treated by our teams: 

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Field mice
  • Stone martens
  • Weasels
  • Voles
  • Garden dormice
  • Dormice

A preventive procedure is necessary after the eradication in order to avoid a new infestation.

Our team is available to suggest to you a preventive eradication plan.

For more information or advice, contact us.